2005 billion first baseman’s painful mistake LAD came from

2005 billion first baseman’s painful mistake LAD came from

2005 billion first baseman’s painful mistake LAD came from behind to end four consecutive wins


The LA Dodgers suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat. The winning percentage of 70 percent also collapsed.

In a home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Dodger Stadium on the 31st (Korea Standard Time), the Dodgers came from behind 5-6 due to Craig Kimbrel’s poor performance in the top of the ninth inning and a defensive error by first baseman Freddie Freeman.

We’re going to finish four consecutive winsThe Jus fell to a .60 winning percentage with 33 wins and 15 losses (0.688). However, with the New York Yankees, he is tied for first place in the overall winning percentage in the Major League. Pittsburgh maintained its third-place position in the central division of the National League by stepping on 20 (27 losses).

The game was interesting from the eighth inning. In the bottom of the eighth inning, when the Dodgers were trailing 3-4, leadoff hitter Traynor got on base with a left double and created a chance. Will Smith and Edwin Rios are out with two outs and third base. However, Justin Turner connected opposing pitcher David Bedner’s 97-mile fastball to a heavy hit to bring trainer home to tie the game. Chris Taylor then hit a timely hit to right-center to reverse the situation to 5-4.

However, Pittsburgh succeeded in defeating Kimbrel in the top of the ninth inning. After one out, Diego Castillo walked on base and advanced to second base with Kimbrel’s wild pitch. Michael Perez’s timely hit to the right then tied the score, and while first baseman Freeman missed Carl Mitchell’s grounder, archrival Michael Chavis rushed home and reversed again. It is the second time this season that Freeman, who wore a Dodgers uniform for six years and $162 million (about KRW 2005.5 billion) last winter, made a mistake.

Pittsburgh took the lead in the top of the second inning with a three-run homer by Tucupita Marcano. Marcano hit a 95-mile fastball in the middle of Dodgers starter Walker Buehler at first and second bases with one out and crossed the right-center fence. Pittsburgh then ran 4-0 with Brian Reynolds’ right-center solo home run in the top of the third inning.

The Dodgers, who were held down by Pittsburgh starter Jack Thompson’s pitch, recovered two runs in the bottom of the fifth inning. After two outs, Hanser Alberto and Mookie Betts hit consecutive home runs. Alberto hit Thompson’s 87-mile cut and Betts hit 79-mile curves, side-by-side across the left fence. At the bottom of the sixth inning, Rios gradually followed up with a solo home run to the left 토토사이트

Dodgers starter Buehler allowed seven hits and four runs in six innings, including two home runs, and Pittsburgh starter Jack Thompson pitched well with four hits and two runs in five이닝 innings, but missed the win due to a bullpen failure

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