Wrinkle lines on both sides of the face knife mark scar

Wrinkle lines on both sides of the face knife mark scar

Wrinkle lines on both sides of the face knife mark, scar


The patient had a shrinkage, and there was a big scar on his face on both of his laugh lines. He had his makeup done 30 years ago, and he had surgery 10 years ago I’ll show you. It’s from the side. Left, right Move your lips. I hurt my muscles My lips went up during the surgery What’s uncomfortable about you is that if you press the shape, you hurt your lip muscles, because you’re injured, and they’re clumped together

It’s hard. If you look at it from both sides, it suddenly came out bad. You got a whole face treatment I’m going to make my skin thicker and I’m going to improve my skin condition and other parts of my skin When I first did it, it was near my face, so I told you before, but around my nose and lips hurt

The neck doesn’t hurt much, so it was treated well The patient followed me well, and after the treatment, I was told to make a lot of facial expressions The second time, we had a lot of meat The second time, your skin started to get sensitiveIt’s starting to itch It’s going to happen because of the piers

It’s very sticky, so if you stick it on for a long time, it gets inflamed I’ll stop, rest, put it on, rest, and continue to do thatYes, let’s move on to the third one

Third, I got a lot better when I treated him Let’s look at the treatment. It’s next to me, but after the third treatment, I don’t know if it’s gotten a lot better or how much better

In this case, you’re gonna feel it while you’re treating it

I can tell you that you can’t not feel it because you feel it as much as you open your mouth as something happens while eating The 2nd and 3rd one, I started to feel better when I was Chihuahua 시알리스 파는곳

My wrinkled skin got a lot better by the time the treatment was over Six more months of treatment I moved from the month of treatment to December. I’m feeling better There’s almost none The whole face with burn scars has improved skin texture and I liked the simple parts

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