Vaginal inflammation, tofu, cheese-like secretions. It tickles

Vaginal inflammation, tofu, cheese-like secretions. It tickles

Vaginal inflammation, tofu, cheese-like secretions. It tickles


Vigilitis is a very serious disease that 75 percent of women know about once in a lifetime Bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other causes are combined to cause vaginitis Depending on the portion, there will be differences in symptoms and clinical features For example, Candidiasis is a disease that fungi came up with about hepatitis

It releases secretions such as tofu and cheese, and it causes very itchy symptoms Pregnant women and diabetes are common in patients here and there Bacterial vaginitis is the most common type of vaginitis, closely related to changes in the vaginal environment Yellow like a runny nose, or vaginal secretions, often accompanied by a combination like fish smell Trichomonas vaginitis is one of the sex-mediated diseases that develop trichomonas vaginitis, a type of parasite, and spread through sex It’s characterized by foamy, foul-smelling secretions, and it’s very itchy symptoms

Vagitis is a recurrent disease I told you earlier that recognizing bacteriophages as they die is a huge circle of bacterial vaginitis, but once they die, it’s hard to make the treatment environment better, so vaginitis often recur after treatment Proper lifestyle is important to prevent vaginitis It is recommended to avoid nylon or synthetic fiber underwear because it can make it easy for germs to multiply because it cannot be adjusted on the schedule In the same vein, it’s good to avoid tight bottoms like stockings and leggings It’s good to use the same habit from the front to the back and dry the genitals well after taking a shower

It helps prevent diseases In summer, the probability of vaginitis increases because bacteria can easily multiply even in high temperature and humidity environments. Wearing wet clothes at water parks and beaches for a long time also increases the probability of vaginitis According to a recent paper, consistently maintaining lactic acid bacteria in addition to using antibiotics for treatment to lose is also significantly effective in preventing vaginitis Regular consumption of lactobacillus also helps to keep a woman’s vaginal environment weakly acidic, strengthens immunity, and improves the truth environment 정품비아그라

Just as vaginitis is a common gynecological disease, it is helpful to visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for early diagnosis and treatment if symptoms of vaginitis spread to the abdominal cavity after neglecting it

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