The reason why women get hemorrhoids is the right bowel habit

The reason why women get hemorrhoids is the right bowel habit

The reason why women get hemorrhoids is the right bowel habit.


Women and hemorrhoids diet are a major concern for women, but excessive diets can cause many diseases. Hemorrhoids are one of them. Recently, it has been difficult for women in their 20s to develop hemorrhoids, and the cause is often excessive dieting. Because of diet constipation, hemorrhoids and teeth appear together, and usually when you’re on a diet, you start to eat less. It’s easy to get constipation if you go on a diet without eating.

In order for your body to get nutrients and bowel movements smoothly, you need to eat enough food and drink enough water. Diet and constipation A diet that doesn’t eat well can cause repeated constipation by absorbing these nutrients and lacking moisture. If constipation is repeated for a long time, the anal force becomes weak when defecating, which can cause excessive irritation to the anus, blood vessels, and mucous membranes. Every time you defecate, you can come out of the anus and you’re more likely to get a toothache that tears the anus tissue because of simple stools caused by constipation.

Female hemorrhoids usually show hemorrhoids and teeth. Pregnancy and childbirth are also important causes of hemorrhoids in women. Statistics show that 40 percent of women who give birth have hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are subject to abdominal pressure after some time, and each stool is subject to pressure around the anus under the weight of the sun, which can lead to anal blood flow disorders and cheese. Constipation often causes constipation due to intestinal compression during pregnancy, so constipation can promote hemorrhoids. During pregnancy and childbirth, abdominal pressure increases and compresses the abdominal vein, which can lead to hemorrhoids that were not present due to circulation disorders in the brachial vein.

If you have an existing constitution, your symptoms may worsen to the point where you can’t live your daily life. If you get cheese when you’re pregnant, it increases your ancestry and risk, so it’s important for pregnant women to be treated for hemorrhoids before pregnancy. The tense hemorrhoids that you want to hide are often hidden in the body part of the study. Maybe that’s why it takes quite a while to get to the hospital. Many of the patients don’t come to the hospital until they’re in a serious condition.

Even those who discovered cheese in the early stages and were able to treat it without surgery are often close to Nanta, who leave it unattended because they are embarrassed and visit the hospital only when they need surgery and the treatment period is extended. Various causes of female hemorrhoids Symptoms of female hemorrhoids can be caused by external factors such as diet and eating habits, but often by structural causes of pregnancy or menopause and Holman’s body. In addition, eating habits and bowel habits are difficult to change, so diseases often recur. From the prevention of hemorrhoids constipation to the prevention of anal diseases, it is very important to prevent constipation.

In order to do that, it is good to eat a lot of fiber, don’t skip meals, and drink enough water. No, I can’t drink. If you drink alcohol, your peripheral blood vessels expand and blood flow increases, so you’re more likely to bleed and suffer. If you have hemorrhoids, please refrain from drinking. Prevention and prevention of recurrence of hemorrhoids, along with early treatment, are important to prevent and prevent recurrence. You have to try to have the right bowel habit. If you feel a mutation, you should go to the bathroom right away. When you go to the bathroom, it is recommended not to carry a newspaper book on your cell phone.

Do not sit on the toilet for more than five minutes when you defecate. If you sit on the toilet for a long time, hemorrhoids tend to fall down. It’s better to wash the door after you’ve finished your bowel movement. Be careful when using bidets. Women with hemorrhoids or symptoms of hemorrhoids are in their early stages, because severe use of bidet can worsen their constitution.

Many people visit the hospital only when the pain becomes severe and it is difficult to endure, even though it can be cured in a simple way by being ashamed of an anal disease. Just as you go to the hospital if you’re sick, so is anal disease. If symptoms appear, please do not delay and consult a specialist.

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