the efficacy and side effects of amaranth Amarantine

the efficacy and side effects of amaranth Amarantine

the efficacy and side effects of amaranth


Amarantine efficacy

It is rich in antioxidants.

Amaranth is rich in antioxidants, as shown by its vitamin content and magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, etc. This ingredient prevents active oxygen that turns healthy cells into malignant tumor cells in our body, and has great health effects such as preventing various diseases, relieving symptoms, and responding to aging 비아그라효능

It has anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Inflammation is the main cause of most diseases. It prevents inflammatory skin trouble and relieves symptoms as well as chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis and bronchitis as you age. You will be able to get help with these foods that usually contain a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

It is rich in protein.

Proteins are the basic ingredients that make up our body, and they are essential nutritional ingredients for life support, such as building muscles, maintaining neural function, metabolism, and hormone balance. The recommended daily intake is 1.2~1.5 grams per kilogram of weight. If you weigh 50kg, the recommended daily intake is 60g to 75g, but 100g of amaranth contains 14g of protein. In addition, it is called a complete protein because it contains essential amino acids.

It is good for cardiovascular disease.

Fiber has the effect of stabilizing cholesterol levels in our body. Cholesterol is mixed in the blood and moved to different parts of the body, where it flows in low density lipoprotein (LDL), then attaches to the arterial wall, increases blood pressure, and splits into oxidative stress, causing dangerous situations such as myocardial infarction and stroke. In addition, amaranth does not contain cholesterol and is rich in high blood pressure components such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Decreases blood sugar levels.

Amaranth is rich in blood sugar-controlled ingredients such as manganese, magnesium, calcium, and fiber. Manganese is an ingredient involved in glucose metabolism, and magnesium is also a key component in blood glucose control. In diabetics, the levels of these ingredients are about half as low as those without a disease. In addition, calcium promotes insulin secretion, fiber also lowers glucose levels and lowers blood cholesterol levels. This grain contains a lot of these ingredients.

It strengthens the bones.

Amaranth is rich in bone-good ingredients such as calcium and magnesium. As you get older, the bones become weaker and the risk of osteoporosis increases. Especially women have a higher risk than men. You will be able to prepare for a healthy life in old age with foods rich in bone-strengthening ingredients.

It helps digestion and keeps your intestines healthy.

Fiber helps your health in various ways. One of them is to help digestion, increase bacteria that are beneficial to health, help intestinal health, and ease constipation by facilitating intestinal exercise. Moreover, it is not gluten-free, so it is better for those who are allergic to gluten.

It helps your eyesight to be healthy.

Amarantine leaves contain a lot of carotenoids and vitamin A. This antioxidant component helps overall eye health by preventing macular degeneration and lowering the risk of cataracts.

It’s good for weight loss.

Rich fiber helps you lose weight. It keeps you full for a long time, reducing your appetite and reducing your snack intake to prevent additional nutrition. Also, it has a lot of protein to help build muscles. In addition, there are many components that strengthen the bones, so it helps energy consumption by increasing the amount of activity.

There will be many other effects besides this. Antioxidants have various and powerful effects. Among its effects are the effect of increasing immunity to protect our body from disease, and the effect of beauty that slows down our skin aging and makes our skin elastic.

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