The advantages and disadvantages of breast implants

The advantages and disadvantages of breast implants

The advantages and disadvantages of breast implants and autologous fat transplantation


There are two ways to enlarge the chest: breast implants and breast fat transplants. In this case, you can choose breast implants, but some people choose breast fat transplants. These people often choose breast fat transplants because they don’t want scars on their chest first, and they don’t want to have foreign substances like volume in their bodies secondly.

Chest fat transplants have the advantage of not leaving scars and not having to put foreign substances in them, but they also have several disadvantages. The first is that it’s not permanent. Chest fat transplants use expressions for the growth rate of fat cells, for example, 200cc of fat in the chest, 50% of the fat is gone, and if you say it’s only about 100cc of life, 40% to 50% of fat is gone.

Of course, in order to increase the fertility rate of fat, we mix PRP and eat it, or we mix stem cells and do chest fat transplants. This is known to increase the fertility rate of fat by at least 20 percent, up to 50 percent. Even so, it eventually disappears as a cane, so there is a disadvantage that the size of the breast implants decreases over time. Second, the fat from the absorbed fat cells clumps together and images it as a fat cyst.

The problem with this type of fatty cyst is that it’s not given first when it’s small, but as it gets bigger and bigger, it gets lime and hardens as time goes by, and the second problem is that it prevents the fat cysts from occurring. The money on the mammary gland is fat in the mammary gland, and later in Hongseong, they’ll ask if it’s a lake in the mammary gland, fat, fat, because they’ll be proud of the ultrasound scam or X-ray.

If you’ve never seen a breast X-ray or something like this before, you might have the advantage of having a breast cancer check-up with a breast MRI. For this reason, enlargement surgery is better than breast fat transplantation, but as I said earlier, people who prefer fat transplants because they are reluctant to have foreign substances in their bodies.

The fat extraction area for the breast fat transplant is to be small in the first thigh, second corridor, etc. When you do fat for the first time, do you expect to put it on both sides of your chest? For example, if you need 200cc 200cc 1400 hours, you need to extract at least 1200cc to get the best fat.

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