Swelling pain after dental bone transplant surgery

Swelling pain after dental bone transplant surgery

Swelling pain after dental bone transplant surgery


Q: I’m a woman in my mid-20s. Three months ago, in late March, I had a dental transplant (second molar behind the upper right).

I tried to get an implant. It was implanted because it lacked a little bit of dental bone. The swelling subsided a little about a week after the first treatment. After a month or so, it seemed to improve a lot.

However, the swelling is not completely normal from 1 month to 3 months later, and if you touch the treatment area, you will feel a little pain and foreign substances. I don’t feel any better after a month. The hospital where I got the procedure said it’s not inflamed, so I’ll be fine if I wait. Could it not be normal for such a long time? I heard it usually takes a month to heal. Is there a time when there is no improvement after a month?

I’m very worried if the procedure is wrong.

A: Sometimes a dental bone transplant is performed simultaneously for implantation. If the residual amount of chizo bone is too small, perform a chizo bone transplant and wait for 2 to 3 months to cool it down.

At this time, it is true that the amount of dental bone transplant is large, so it usually swells a lot right after surgery and feels uncomfortable. After about a week or two, the surgery area will heal, and the pain will disappear a lot, and after a month, the surgery will appear to be pre-operative 정품 비아그라

However, there may be individual differences depending on the amount of residual chygomas in the preoperative area, anatomical structural differences, gum conditions, and patient health conditions. If the implant has an infection and is inflamed, the surgical area is often swollen and a pus bag is formed or bled when touched. It doesn’t seem to be such a symptom. As the hospital said, please wait a little longer.

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