Surgery on protruding mouth and spatula ASO on spider’s smile

Surgery on protruding mouth and spatula ASO on spider’s smile

Surgery on protruding mouth and spatula, ASO on spider’s smile


When correcting the jaw, it is basic to check the patient’s face shape and bone condition and then perform bilateral or mandibular surgery. The surgery is suitable for patients depending on their asymmetry, tooth engagement, and maxillary forward and backward positions.

After the surgery, the hospital will be hospitalized for about two nights and three days, and the condition will be checked during the first, second, and fourth weeks after discharge.

Correctional treatment will begin in earnest from the fourth week, and correctional treatment will be performed every one to two months thereafter.

There are cases where both the spatula and the protruding mouth are present. There are three main ways to correct protruding lips.

First, orthodontic treatment. It is carried out after removal, and the effect can be seen when the teeth are protruded forward. Second, protruding mouth surgery. It is a way to remove small molars and move bones, including front teeth. Third, bimaxillary surgery. It is implemented when protruding mouth, asymmetry, and chinless are accompanied.

Most protruding mouths can be improved by non-surgical orthodontics. In general, it is corrected by using the space of wisdom teeth to move the entire tooth according to the oral condition 비아그라구매

If you need extra space for your teeth, remove some of the most unnecessary small teeth from the back of your teeth before performing calibration.

However, if it is a protruding mouth that protrudes more than 5mm, gum bones, excessive tooth protrusions, or spider smile that makes the gums look bigger when smiling, it can be improved by protruding mouth surgery (aso).

Extrusion surgery may not be possible depending on oral conditions after orthodontic correction, so it should be carefully considered and decided. Since it is a method of moving bones, including front teeth, after the extraction of small molars, it is not desirable to plan a procedure immediately if it is the current growth period. A plan is recommended after visiting the relevant medical institution for a checkup.

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