Removal of conjunctival stones, foreign body feeling like

Removal of conjunctival stones, foreign body feeling like

Removal of conjunctival stones, foreign body feeling like stones in your eyes.


Q: I’m a woman in her late 20s living in the United States. It is not easy to visit the hospital because you are currently unable to receive medical insurance benefits. A few days ago, I suddenly had a feeling of something like a stone in my eye, so something inside my eyelid.

When I slightly turned my lower eyelid over, I didn’t know if it was inflammation or something, but I found out that it was different from the other eye. When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are swollen, my eyes are often swollen, and when I wash my face, I feel a slight pain in my eyes.

Through Internet search, I found that my eyes are similar to those of patients with conjunctival stones. I visited the hospital to get an accurate examination even though it was not covered by insurance because I heard that leaving it for a long time could damage the cornea.

About 200,000 won was paid in Korean money at a time, and 8 days’ worth of medicine (dose twice a day) and two types of eye drops. The price of the medicine was about 150,000 won.

The doctor said it’s like a simple inflammation, and 80% of them get better with prescription drugs. Twenty percent said they may need surgery. I’ve been taking medicine and putting eye drops for four days, but the inflammation hasn’t eased at all.

The drugs you are currently taking are as follows.

[Capsule medicine]

• Minocycline 50mg.

[Eye drops]

• Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension

• Polymyxin B Sulfate and Trimethoprim Ophthalmic Solution

Please tell me if I should perform surgery and how to do it if it doesn’t heal at all after using it for 8 days.

A: Antibiotics and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. If the medication does not subside, you will have to visit the ophthalmologist again for an incision, but for now, it would be better to wait while taking the medication a little longer.

In the case of conjunctival stone removal, it is not treated with medicine, but when the stones are very large or blinks, the cornea is stimulated and removed when creating a foreign body.

In the case of lesions on the lower eyelid (lower eyelid), the lower eyelid is not a structure that moves when blinking, so even if it is a conjunctival stone, you can leave it alone if the lesion is not very large.

First of all, let’s wait a little longer while using the medicine, and if there is no improvement in the lesion, visit the hospital again then for treatment.

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