Producer Cho Sung-hyun of ‘I am God’ “Controversy over sensationalism?

Producer Cho Sung-hyun of ‘I am God’ “Controversy over sensationalism?

Producer Cho Sung-hyun of ‘I am God’ “Controversy over sensationalism? It was absolutely necessary.”

Producer Cho Sung-hyun

Producer Cho Sung-hyun of “I am a God” explained that the controversy over sensationalism was “a necessary part.”

On the morning of the 10th, a press conference was held at Lotte Hotel Seoul in Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, by producer Cho Sung-hyun of the Netflix original series I am God.

Producer Cho Sung-hyun also said, “I understand that ‘I wrapped it 50 times’ was a problem,” adding, “The JMS religion is saying that it was manipulated through AI,” adding, “What JMS expressed was that ‘women who were physically damaged were paid to make the video intentionally.”

“There was an incident where an insider accidentally filmed it. So he said it was a picture taken in a bikini, explaining why he released the nude of the believers without mosaic.

“If we don’t show the facts as they are, I think we will build another defense by building defense logic to internal people,” producer Cho said. “It clearly shows how and what happened.” “I think there is a high possibility that even one or two of them will come out after grasping the facts,” he confessed.

Producer Cho said, “It’s sensational? Is there anyone who thinks it’s sex appeal? It’s a terrible thing. I think people with general ordinary sensibilities will feel miserable watching it. Netflix has also expressed concern. “From the producer’s point of view, he insisted that the story of ‘I wrapped it 50 times’ should be put at the front, and Netflix accepted it,” he said. “Maple was also on JTBC’s ‘Newsroom’.” Does anyone remember? I respect and sympathize with the problem consciousness I just talked about, but I won’t have another victim. “Considering the intention of production, I think this form is right,” he stressed.

Netflix documentary series that tracks the events and people behind them, including “Messiah” JMS (Christian Gospel Mission) Jung Myung-seok, Manmin Central Church Lee Jae-rok, and Agadongsan Kim Ki-soon in modern Korean history. Since its release on the 3rd, the shocking reality of pseudo-religion, which sexually assaulted believers, exploited labor, and even exploited money, has caused a stir.

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