Preservation method of papillary reduction surgery

Preservation method of papillary reduction surgery

Preservation method of papillary reduction surgery


The size of the nipples is either as long as a pot lid or as flat as raisins, or vary widely depending on the individual, so it’s not right to divide them into normal and abnormal concepts. You can also think of the same papilla as the right size, or you can think of it as too big to reduce it. So it’s good to judge whether your nipple is big or small based on the average size of your nipple. In general, the reason why the papillary position name is 8 to 10mm, or 4 muscles to 8mm, is that there is a tendency to think that it is appropriate and pretty.

You can think of it as a ratio of the nipple if you’re discussing the average size much more or if you don’t have a large nipple. It’s often caused by birth or breastfeeding. Large size is not good for appearance and may cause skin sleep due to large papilla or breastfeeding problems And in the case of big parenting, the color is often gone. It removes the skin and tissue of the enlarged nipple and makes it a beautiful nipple of average size. Even if the length is long or wide, if the left and right wells are different in shape, adjust them using different designs.

Like the indentation papilla correction method I explained before, papilla reduction also includes the Yu Gwan-ho strategy and the non-preservation method. Size and shape determine the surgical method based on whether you’ve had a previous reduction. Sympathy correction method is performed when the papillary reduction area is not playing, and breastfeeding is possible after surgery. So, it’s the preferred surgical method for unmarried women with slightly larger nipple sizes. This method is usually used to correct one element.

It is recommended for cases where the area where the papilla extracted is to be reduced is stretched, or if it recurs after a previous reduction operation and becomes larger again.Although breastfeeding was impossible due to blocked ducts, it can reduce the volume of large papilla, so it can improve the shape before and after surgery. Although there are some differences depending on how the surgery is performed, you should wear a papilla cable to maintain the shape of the papilla while the wound is healed.

Next day, check the shape and color of the nipple to see if there is any partial necrosis. After the surgery, I’ll do the sewing for 7 days, and it’s recommended to wear the cap for 2 to 3 weeks to maintain its shape. If there is no normal size and there is no major discomfort, surgery is not necessary. However, if you have stress due to cosmetic and functional problems caused by large papilla or sagging, it is recommended to correct it surgically. If the nipples are slightly larger, it can be effectively improved by citing the vascular preservation method, and if the nipples are very large or the nipples reduction method is used as a visual non-preservation method.

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