Police claim cover-up shock after late Aaron Carter’s mother’s

Police claim cover-up shock after late Aaron Carter’s mother’s

Police claim cover-up shock after late Aaron Carter’s mother’s son was killed

Police claim

The late Aaron Carter’s mother is shocking her son by claiming he was murdered.

Jane Carter, the mother of pop star Aaron Carter, who died in November last year, said on her social account on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), “We are continuing to investigate the death of my son Aaron Carter. The police did not scrutinize the crime scene because of his past addiction cases,” he said.

Jane Carter then released photos of the bathtub full of green water and dirty scenes with clothes, saying police did not even film the evidence.

The photo was taken at his home in Lancaster, California, on the day Carter died on November 5 last year.

Jane Carter said, “I sincerely hope that my son’s friends and family will be interested in this case again,” adding, “Police should investigate his death again.” We always want justice. “There are people who should be responsible for the death of their son,” he said.

However, last year, the Los Angeles coroner said his family confirmed his drowning after an autopsy.

Aaron Carter was found dead in his bathroom in Lancaster, California, in November last year. He was 34 years old. LA police were called to Aaron Carter’s home after receiving a report and reportedly found his body. Several compressed air cans and prescription drugs were found in the bathroom and bedroom of Aaron Carter’s home.

Meanwhile, Aaron Carter, who debuted in 1998 with his album “Aaron Carter 1st,” has gained popularity in the United States and Europe. Since then, the album “Aron’s Party,” released in 2000, has boasted extraordinary popularity, selling more than 3 million copies.

In particular, Aaron Carter drew attention for his image as a handsome boy. However, since he became an adult, he has been embroiled in rumors, including being arrested by the police for drunk driving, marijuana charges, and prostitution involvement. He also had a bad relationship with his brother, Nick Carter, by applying for a restraining order. It was controversial that he would debut as an adult actor in 2020.

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