Park Soo-hong Family > Demonization of the Family > His..

Park Soo-hong Family > Demonization of the Family > His..

Park Soo-hong Family > Demonization of the Family > His brother’s side, but the prosecution said he should protect Soo-hong.

Broad`s Park Soo-hong and his brother and his wife, who were indicted on charges of embezzlement, had a fierce fight while questioning the witness.

 Park Soo-hong

On the afternoon of the 20th, the Seoul Western District Court held its third hearing on Park’s brother and his spouse Lee, who were accused of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes.

The trial was attended by the Park couple and their lawyers, and five people, including Park Soo-hong’s former stylist and former manager, attended as witnesses. One person did not attend.

Witnesses answered questions about Park Soo-hong’s work experience and the company run by his brother Park.

First of all, the three people who worked as Park Soo-hong’s stylists said in common, “The salary came in under the name of the company’s Media Boom (Management).” In addition, they did not know about the existence of Rael (Management) in common, and all of the company employees claimed by Park’s side mentioned by the prosecution said they did not know.

The list of people Park claimed to have worked with included Park’s younger brother Park and his parents, but they did not even recognize his name.

The three witnesses testified that they did not see Park receiving cash, discussing tax savings, or handing over gifts or gift certificates to broadcasting officials. In response, Park’s lawyer countered, “How would they know such a situation?”

In addition, referring to the clothing pickup method and work method that were different from the two stylists who worked earlier to one of the stylists, he argued that “Park Soo-hong was able to hire employees and decide on salaries without the company’s CEO knowing.”

In the process, Park’s lawyer claimed Park Soo-hong’s involvement in the company’s operation, saying, “In the past, there was a situation in which company money was deposited (to contract workers) in the name of Kim Da-ye.”

During the interrogation, the lawyer also asked, “Do you know that Park Soo-hong received the cost of the past event through Kim Da-ye’s account?”

The two witnesses, who worked as Park Soo-hong’s manager, then replied, “I worked for Rael of the company,” adding that they only knew about MediaBoom. He then said he did not know the names of the employees claimed by Park’s side, which the prosecution mentioned, and that Park Soo-hong’s family name said, “I know the name, but we did not work together.”

The two witnesses also testified, “Park Soo-hong was in a position to be cast by the broadcasting station, and he never handed gifts or gift certificates to broadcasting officials.”

When asked if Park Soo-hong had visited the bank, one of the two witnesses said, “I saw him go with Park only once when I was working,” adding, “I think Park Soo-hong is a person who doesn’t know ATM or account transfer at all.” “If I had to transfer my account privately, I asked Park to do it,” he replied.

In addition, both managers, who worked for Management LaL, did not know the exact appearance and status of the company, saying, “I know that there is only an address,” and “It was a space to rent a conference room in the form of a shared office.”

Meanwhile, the prosecution claimed that “Isn’t it the second offense” to mention Kim Da-ye’s name during the trial, and Park’s lawyer said, “The complainant is Park Soo-hong, not the general public.” Park Soo-hong is a celebrity who is good at image making and media play, he said. “I demonized my family here for months before the complaint and filed a complaint after informing the Republic of Korea.”

Park’s side strongly appealed, claiming Park Soo-hong’s media play, adding, “Everyone in the Republic of Korea is already a tilted playground that the defendant has become an abandoned criminal.”

Park’s lawyer then said when the prosecution applied for Park Soo-hong and two tax accountants as witnesses for the fourth trial, “It is better to interrogate Park Soo-hong and his parents together on the same day.” Tax accountants should interrogate each other,” he claimed, applying for Park Soo-hong’s parents as witnesses for the fourth trial.

The prosecution said, “The witness is dangerous on the same day. “We strongly restrained it last time, but something unpleasant happened,” he said adding, “It happens even if we take separate measures.” “We need to protect witnesses, so we need safety even if we cross-examine them,” he refuted.

The court announced that “only Park Soo-hong will be adopted as a witness.” The next fourth trial will be held on March 15, and Park Soo-hong will be a witness.

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