Menstrual Pain Relief Food Exercise (Posture)

Menstrual Pain Relief Food Exercise (Posture)

Menstrual Pain Relief Food Exercise (Posture)


I’ll tell you about my daily life to improve my menstrual pain One of the big things that makes it worse is instant food, such as cup noodles, snacks, ham, and sausages I can say that I like microwave food I like it, too

Instant foods contain a lot of environmental hormones A typical example is bisphenolae Environmental hormones, when absorbed by the body, make female hormones. Instant foods are worse for women than men. One of the most common things that causes these symptoms is instant foods

Second, refined sugar is liquid sugar, and you can say that these things are highly inflammatory Usually, people crave sweet things before menstruation, but menstrual pain can get worse Third, it’s good to use pure cotton pads. A few years ago, certain products were rubbed off and contain carcinogens I think it was in 2016 or something like that, and if you ask why, there was a carcinogen chemical in the office to improve absorption, not just silver, but other products were treated to increase absorption Tampon is worse In many cases, the pain is reduced even if you wash it and change it to a diaper-shaped pure cotton physiological table

Even if it’s inconvenient, it’s good to use sanitary pads for pure cotton products Second, you need to reduce your intake of instant foods or foods that contain a lot of sugar Instant food contains a lot of environmental hormones Environmental hormones can cause severe menstrual pain and cause various uterine diseases due to confusion in the secretion of female hormones Foods that contain a lot of sugar can cause chronic inflammation or Third, avoid excessive caffeine intake Caffeine causes uterine contractions, which can make excessive caffeine intake (take) pain worse

It’s good to do exercises that can move your pelvis as much as possible to relieve menstrual pain It’s Pilates It’s hard to walk 30 minutes a day. It’s helpful if you just walk like this That’s how I can improve my lifestyle

2 cups of coffee a day doesn’t have a big impact, but it can have a bad effect from 3 or more cupsFourth, you have to pay attention to the level of Omega-3 vitamin D intake 비아그라 판매

These ingredients help relieve menstrual pain by helping small health, so it’s helpful to eat enough fish and vegetables or to eat enough health functional foods

Fifthly, I believe that it will strengthen the lower abdomen and pelvic muscles and exercise uterine blood circulation Yoga and Pilates Exercise, yoga, pilates. It’s too much to start. It can help if you walk a little fast for about 30 minutes a day

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