Let me tell you about the symptoms of depression

Let me tell you about the symptoms of depression

Let me tell you about the symptoms of depression.


What are the symptoms of depression?

1. Intensive disorder, detailed memory disorder, decision-making disorder

2. Extreme fatigue and energy exhaustion

3. Guilt, feeling worthless, feeling lethargic

4. Despair, pessimism

5. Insomnia, early morning insomnia, excessive sleep

6. Irritability (good anger), nervousness

7. Losing interest in activities or hobbies you were once interested in

8. Overeating or losing appetite

9. Constant pain, pain, headache, convulsions, and digestive problems that do not subside easily after taking medicine.

10. A constant sense of sadness, anxiety, and emptiness.

11. Suicide thoughts and attempts.

How do you know about depression?

The diagnosis of depression is made by the doctor through thorough progress observation and clinical testing. Some infections, diseases, or drugs can show symptoms similar to those of depression, so doctors will want to know when they started, how long they lasted, and how serious the symptoms were. And the doctor will ask if you have any similar symptoms before, and if you have been treated for such symptoms, you will ask what kind of treatment you have received 비아그라효과

The family history of depression and other mental illness are also very important. So is the family history of drugs and the family history of alcohol dependence. Even if there are no tests that psychiatrists use to diagnose depressive symptoms, they will continue to find something for accurate diagnosis of depression.

When should I ask for help with depression symptoms?

If depressive symptoms negatively affect your life, whether at work or at home, and if there is no clear solution to this problem, you should ask for help. Meeting and consulting mental health professionals or psychiatrists will prevent it from going worse.

One thing to know is that feeling depressed doesn’t mean you have a disease called depression. As a medical disease, depression has not only emotional changes such as continuous sadness or continuous depression, but also changes in sleep, vitality, appetite, concentration, and motivation. If you have these physical symptoms and they last for days or weeks, you should see a doctor for help.

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