Lee Mi-joo, “Like Yoo Jae-seok,” Donates 200,000 Pads

Lee Mi-joo, “Like Yoo Jae-seok,” Donates 200,000 Pads

Lee Mi-joo, “Like Yoo Jae-seok,” Donates 200,000 Pads of Sanitary Pads to Vulnerable People [Official]

Lee Mi-joo

The International Development Cooperation NGO Foundation announced on the 9th that it has received 200,000 pads of sanitary pads for vulnerable women from singer and broadcaster Lee Mi-joo and Liberty.

Singer and broadcaster Lee Mi-joo`s recently started her career as an organic sanitary pad brand Liberty model and joined forces with Liberty to donate 200,000 pads of organic sanitary pads. This is the amount that more than 1,000 female teenagers from low-income families in Korea who are suffering from a lack of sanitary pads can use for six months.

Singer and broadcaster Lee Mi-joo said, “I was burdened with monthly sanitary pads due to financial difficulties, and I was sad that there are still children who use tissues or insoles instead,” adding, “I’m happy to help children who are having a difficult menstrual period with a good opportunity to work as a sanitary pad brand model, and I’m grateful to Liberty for helping more children.”

An official from G Foundation said, “I would like to thank Lee Mi-joo and Liberty for supporting sanitary pads needed for female teenagers from low-income families,” adding, “G Foundation will continue to work hard for a world where those who help and those who receive them live together.”

Meanwhile, what does Lee Mi-joo do when she plays on MBC’s entertainment program?It is loved by many for its passion and passion that does not spare its body, and won the Excellence Award at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards last year.

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