King Doran of LCK without raccoon? A look around the Kespa Cup

King Doran of LCK without raccoon? A look around the Kespa Cup

King Doran of LCK without raccoon? A look around the Kespa Cup


The 2020 Kepa Cup ended with Damwon’s victory. The Kespa Cup is a cup competition held just before the spring season, and it is an experimental competition where many teams check their power through various rosters. In particular, as the KSPA Cup was held ahead of the LCK franchiseization, many teams conducted experiments by hiring second-tier players instead of main players. Some of them swallowed the disappointment and others achieved the desired results.

Of course, the results of the KSPA Cup do not necessarily lead to LCK, but it is hard to ignore as it is the last tournament to check the rosters ahead of the season. Who will be the player who caught the eyes of many fans and raised expectations for the next season in this year’s KSPA Cup? I looked through the statistics to see all the details of the Kespa Cup.

Without raccoons, Doran is king!” It is a word that has frequently appeared in recent communities. As Jang Ha-kwon, a “raccoon” who was considered Korea’s top liner, has left for China, “Doran” Choi Hyun-jun has taken the position 토토사이트

In fact, Doran’s performance at the Kespa Cup is quite amazing.

Although statistics can’t tell everything, Doran’s early line-up figures are impressive enough. Doran ranked first in most of the line-up indicators, including CS, gold, and experience differences, until the 15th minute. In particular, until the 15th minute, the gold difference was overwhelming, with 935 more than 400 higher than the 481 recorded by Park Woo-tae, the second-ranked “Sermit.” The solo kill is also tied for third among top liners twice.

Of course, KT faced the second team in this tournament instead of the first-tier lineup of strong teams representing LCKs such as T1 and Gen. In addition, Doran’s number of appearances is four, which is not very high.

However, this KSPA Cup has many meanings in Doran. In particular, it would be a significant turning point in Doran’s career to lead KT, which was considered relatively inferior in the first competition, and to overturn numerous undervalued players around him. This is why we are looking forward to “King Without You” in the upcoming spring season.

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