irregular menstruation If you often this time

irregular menstruation If you often this time

irregular menstruation


If you have menstruation too often this time, if you say it’s an irregular hemorrhage because it shows too much bleeding, I’ll tell you what the problem is and how to treat it There are people who have regular and irregular periods We usually have a normal menstrual cycle, so we think about it for 10 to 15 days If you’re in the spring, it goes to normal even if it’s jagged. Even if there’s a gap for 30 days, there’s not much difference. If you’re sorry about your salary, it’s not a big problem

It’s not been long since the meeting ended, but I started my period again. My period is about 5 days, but I’m going to do it for more than 10 days. If you’re bleeding like this, it’s a problem. You should go to the hospital and check it out The problem with bleeding is in Yongho-dong There might be a type 1 in the cervix, or polyps or golds in the endometrium. If you keep working on one end of the endometrium and bleeding from the end of the uterus, or if you’re in the cervix, it’s very small but very heavy. So, you have to pay for it

I have a lot of disinfectants, but there’s soil around the hormones In case of that, you can make hormones irregular and cause them to submit them. So, it’s good to check if they’re not there. Besides that, I’ve done it in the factory, and the small room is clean and there’s no luck inside the money, there are many cases where the hormone balance is broken For example, the hormone goes up for about 5 minutes to maintain the female hormone. What should I say? The endometrium is maintained. But the concentration of female hormones is too low

If the luteus is not formed properly after ovulation, and the luteus hormone level is high, it keeps bleeding in the middle. This is because the inner membrane can’t be maintained and it keeps falling off Then, if you test it, your hormone level will be very low. In that case, you can supply it from the outside today and take hormone medicine temporarily, so you can catch it So, that’s how we’re going to treat it. In the case of hyperthyroidism, before that, I told you that I had a hypothyroidism and that I was going to have menstruation If you have hyperthyroidism, you’re going to have your period too often. You do it every three weeks People like this do it regularly. Oh, those people need to see if there’s anything wrong with their thyroid Other people have hyperthyroidism, but it’s okay. Your eyes keep getting bigger and look like this. You can give it to a typical world of hyperthyroidism. Your hands can shake and your heart can beat faster So if you have those symptoms, you have to take a thyroid function test I’m here too often 비아그라구입

So if you search for it, we’ll do the same basic thyroid test, so you can check it out together, and I’ve told you when it’s submitted If you have a lump, if your hormone balance is broken, there are cases where you ate health functional foods Especially for those who are in menopause, they eat pomegranate red ginseng and arrowroot juice. Since it’s a health functional food, I guess it’s very stable Rather than saying it’s medicine, they’re asking if it’s okay because they want it today, and they’re taking it. Since it works for female hormones, it can have a good effect on menopausal symptoms Because of that, there are people who get hormonal imbalance If we have medicine, there’s a certain amount So, we can see and interpret the amount of food that goes into every day and adjust it accordingly. For health functional foods, there’s no way to calculate it because Eundong is young Even if it’s pomegranate juice, the concentration might be different for everyone at home. That’s why I’m going back and forth. I’ll just say I like hormones. But when he has menopause symptoms, he gets more sensitive to movies like movies like that

So, if there’s a lot of temperament bleeding, or a lot of appearances, we just cut off the treatment. If it doesn’t maintain well, we might get hormone therapy. That’s why we get menstruation. If you don’t, you’re worried about it. But when it’s regular, people are sensitive If you write a lot, you might think about it, but there are people who are bleeding Normally, when there’s nothing wrong with the idea, there’s a lot of bleeding or delivery

In the meantime, I’ll need something over thereThere are some problems. So, even if I don’t quit the plane, I can’t work today. So contraceptives are not symptoms. I’ve been taking contraceptives for about 7 years I had irregular menstruation, so I ate it I can’t not know when my period is, so I made it politically and ate it to avoid stress, but after I stopped eating, I got pregnant well. There was no particular problem A lot of people were worried about it, so I’m explaining it in additionally When the hospital recommends contraceptives, you don’t have to react like, “You can take them from now on.”

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