Inflammation of the root of the tooth (re-neural therapy)

Inflammation of the root of the tooth (re-neural therapy)

Inflammation of the root of the tooth (re-neural therapy)


In Korea’s medical insurance policy, it is the health insurance that is best adapted to other developed countries and maximizes the benefits of the people who are tailored to the oldest people Neurotherapy is actually one of the undervalued treatments for dentists, and it’s a little bit too much to compare it to absolute figures, but in the U.S., Canada, and North America, you can pay a million won for a neurotherapy molar

In Korea, you can get it if it’s less than 50,000 won Anyways, I wanted you to know that I’m enjoying this great benefit, so I told you the numberFrom a business trip perspective, I think we had an infection and didn’t take good care of our teeth

Usually, we open our gums, remove our bones, and make sounds through our bones. So we do a lot of dental surgery, which is called tail cutting. It’s been a long time since we had a crown and castable, so we decided to remove eggs, remove posts, and re-do it

I took an X-ray and tested it, and this is the left side This side of the patient is on the right, and you can see that there’s something black at the end of the second molar canine in the upper left, the first molar, the second molar, the second molar, and everything If you look at the roots of other teeth, there’s nothing at the end But if you look at it, you can forget about it completely and it doesn’t seem to be able to use white neurotherapy ingredients until the end. The ingredients spread out because of the inflammation at the root. It naturally gets absorbed and replaced with bones

It can be inferred that you used to wear crowns when you were treating nerves Here’s the first thing that’s next to it. It’s the same thing, and in this case, as I said before, the main cause of inflammation is the prurinkle at the end of the root, and you usually do a dental amputation that blocks it with MTA As you can see, it’s been about 5 years since you’ve had a cup of crown treatment

I explained that if there is a crack or if you can’t save it, you should think about extracting it, and with consent, we decided to remove it and proceed with the treatment of removing the post When I removed the crown, I told you to get a lot of cavities If you remove the crown in that state, there is a possibility that if it becomes more rotten, there is a possibility that there will be more teeth on the head, so we proceed with the treatment in a state of high uncertainty 비아그라 구매

I decided to do the second round of neurological treatment, so I removed the crown, and you see the white material inside? I removed the necessary materials, removed the columns and the surroundings, and I used ultrasonic waves to shake a little bit, so fortunately, I removed the post well If you look at it, after removing the post, fortunately, there are still a lot of hemorrhoids around, so you can take it out and get it treated well and come back

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