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I don’t want to beg, either. When my husband’s tired wife refused


7월 27, 2021

I don’t want to beg, either. When my husband’s tired wife refused to go to bed, they were married.


The husband’s story of asking for a bed at any time has been revealed.

Channel A, SKY entertainment program “The Hard Couple,” which aired on July 26, depicts a wife tired from her beastly husband’s demands for bed.

It was a modifier referring to the strong man, the king of the night, the man who raised his head, the storyteller’s husband. The husband expressed regret, saying, “It was possible six times a day before,” and the wife looked exhausted. The reason why I can’t be happy with my husband’s love, who’s been married for five years, is that his wife is in bad shape.

My husband came to my wife’s shop early in the morning and said, “You know I’m the most lively person in the morning. “My mother is at home, so let’s do it just once,” he said, asking too much. As time went by, the wife’s overflowing husband’s libido became increasingly unbearable and impoverished.

My wife, who said, “I married an animal,” had eventually been interrupted by her husband’s request for bed. My friend said, “But isn’t it better to have a husband who does more than a husband who doesn’t?” But my wife’s situation was different 비아그라효능

If my wife shows that she doesn’t want to go to bed at all, my husband said, “I was going to quit the company today because of the pressure on my performance, but I held it in because I thought of you and Seung-woo, but I did something wrong. Never mind. I don’t want to beg either,” he replied coldly. My weak wife persuaded my husband, “Come on, let’s just take a day off.”

Seeing this, Hong Jin-kyung said, “That’s too selfish,” and Yang Jae-jin said, “That’s a habit or habit. “To quit the company,” he said. Ahn Sun-young said, “Are you a baby? I’m not threatening to go to school,” he said. “I don’t understand.

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