Hyesung Lee Luxury Shoes Self Gift 210 Size Purchase

Hyesung Lee Luxury Shoes Self Gift 210 Size Purchase

Hyesung Lee Luxury Shoes Self Gift 210 Size Purchase Price is unreasonable

Hyesung Lee

Broadcaster Lee Hye-sung said he gave her luxury shoes as a gift.

On the 14th, Lee Hye-sung’s YouTube channel “Hyesung Bookstore” posted a video titled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME나의My first luxury shoes.”

Lee Hye-sung held up a pink shopping bag and said, “It’s my first Miu-mi. Miu Miu expressed his excitement, saying, “I don’t know much, but I have a very lovely feeling.” “I went to the flagship store in Cheongdam and tried on 220 at first. But that was big. I heard 210 was the smallest one, so I looked up stores nationwide and found only one at Samsung COEX. I usually wear 220, but I think it came out a little big, he said. “I went to COEX and it was already delivered.” “You’re a customer from Cheongdam branch, right?” he said, revealing pink shoes that look like ballerina shoes.

Lee Hye-sung said, “It’s the first time to come out with a heel version. The round front nose, baby pink, and banding are also so cute, he said. “It’s a size 210 and I think the real size was not able to find the owner.” The manager said, “I think all the shoes are looking for the owner.” “I thought someone was excited about size 210 and you wore it,” he said with a smile.

Lee Hye-sung said, “It’s a luxury brand, so I rarely buy shoes. It’s just so pretty, but it turns out I hate you It felt like this. Even if it wasn’t this brand, I would have wanted to buy it if it was a cute color with this design. “I think it was really my type,” he said. “The downside is that I think the dirt will get too dirty.” I think you really need to be careful when you wear them. “This was also a piece left, so it wasn’t a new product,” he explained

Lee Hye-sung then unboxed his second shoe. Lee Hye-sung, who reminds me of “Jimichu” when it comes to shoes of women’s dreams, said, “I went to get a massage a few years ago, and there were Jimmyichu shoes in the shoe rack. I thought, “There are people who wear shoes like that,” but it’s amazing that I bought this,” he said. “In fact, Jimmy Choo shoes are really hard to buy several pairs, and only one pair.” “I think they are shoes that I can take out of the box and wear on a day when I have to give strength to them,” he said.

“If there is a cheaper version of shoes with this design, I think I will buy it enough. I don’t think I have to pay a lot of money to buy it, but I don’t have this design. “There are many different brands of clothes with similar designs, but shoes don’t have that,” he said. In response, Lee Hye-sung’s older sister said, “If you buy shoes wrong, your feet hurt,” and Lee Hye-sung said, “Expensive shoes cost that much and wear them for a long time. Some people said, “It’s not that big of a difference when it comes to wearing them for a long time.”

Lee Hye-sung took the shoes out of the box, saying, “The shoes were so popular that I received them quickly because I didn’t have a size.” Lee Hye-sung, who chose Black Pumps with crystal decorations, said, “It’s really pretty when you wear them. It’s pointed in the front and there’s a cubic point in the back, he said. “It’s a little too much to wear daily.” “The price is also unreasonable,” he confessed. “I didn’t buy it because it was Jimichu, but because the pointed velvet line and cubic design were so pretty. I think it would be so pretty to wear a black dress as an accent. “It’s a design that can’t come out unless it’s this brand,” he said with a smile, “I’ve never spent so much money on shoes, but I’ve done it once.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-sung also gave a big present for her sister. “Last year, I bought a padded jacket for my sister who filmed, edited, and uploaded YouTube, but months have already passed,” he said. “In fact, I don’t pay my sister’s salary.” But something good happened to my sister, so I decided to buy something I didn’t buy either,” he said. He emphasized, “He bought me the most expensive one”

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