Hot steaming dog burns (Tissue expansion steroid ointment)

Hot steaming dog burns (Tissue expansion steroid ointment)

Hot steaming dog burns (Tissue expansion steroid ointment)


One patient was burned by a hot steaming dog as a child The fact that they can change the texture of the scar at a university hospital in Seoul because the scar is so severe is still very difficult to treat patients like that Patients can get better after doing it once or twiceYou’d better think about what you’re looking forward to

You need to look far away and treat it. The third one was treated. You got a steroid injection and even put on a steroid ointment

Even if I rested, I combined it with a fractional laser, and I showed you one burn scar and the fifth one, and you’re in therapy month I compared it to the 5th one. It’s a lot softer, more elastic, and it’s a bit red, but since there’s no time, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a good texture overall

I didn’t know it was bad, but I didn’t know I was getting a lot betterI knew it got better, but I didn’t know it got so much better that I was there. When I saw it for the first time, I saw it before the treatment, and she liked it because she thought, “Oh, I got a lot better 비아그라 판매

The thick scar is thin, and the unevenness is coordinates The red one has been hit It got softer Overall, the feeling of dysentery is similar to normal skin I don’t think there’s a lot I’m glad it’s cured well The bumpy ones became thinner as if they were blooming with an expression iron, and the difference between the normal skin and the scar and the texture decreased after treatment on the scar

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