foods that are effective in making white teeth

foods that are effective in making white teeth

foods that are effective in making white teeth



An apple is a fruit that needs to be chewed a lot like a carrot, and you can see the effect of teeth whitening just by chewing. Apples contain high concentrations of malic acid, which is used in some toothpaste. Malic acid breaks down the colorant and increases the secretion of saliva to cleanse the teeth and remove the coloration of the teeth. Also, since it is a fruit that you have to chew a lot, it naturally rubs your teeth to get rid of stains.


Foods rich in dietary fiber, such as broccoli, often have friction with the teeth when consumed, so during this process, teeth are rubbed to remove stains and tartar. Also, consuming a lot of dietary fiber is not only good for your health but also effective in preventing stomatitis. If you eat broccoli raw without cooking it, it will remove the color of your teeth. In addition, broccoli’s iron prevents tooth decay caused by bacteria. Therefore, it can prevent tooth stains and cavities 비아그라파는곳


Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk include lactic acid, calcium and protein that strengthen teeth, all of which keep teeth strong and also whiten teeth. In particular, hard cheese is rich in calcium that strengthens teeth and gums. Cassine, a type of juice protein in cheese, reduces mineral loss on the surface of the teeth. Therefore, eating cheese before meals can suppress bacteria.


Many people think raisins are bad for teeth because they are sticky. But raisins are actually good for your teeth. Studies show that eating cereal containing raisins cleans your teeth more than eating cereal containing no raisins. Chewing raisins increases the secretion of salivary glands, which prevents plaque, tooth coloring, and cavities.

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