Food you should avoid when drinking gout beer

Food you should avoid when drinking gout beer

Food you should avoid when drinking gout beer


Beer contains a lot of purin and is a precursor to uric acid. Alcohol is not good for any kind of repair. But especially beer has a lot of uric acid, so if you drink soju, makgeolli, or Yangchon, it’s not bad to drink beer, so it’s dangerous. If you pull the alcohol out of the urine and put it back up, septicemia will go away again

So if I drink any kind of alcohol, I get uric acid, but the more I drink, the more I drink, the less gout patients drink, and I eat chicken. Chicken is delicious, but my wife has a lot of local government, lots of protein, and lots of purin. Chicken itself can go up a lot.

Ramen goes up a lot. But I was diagnosed with gout, but I haven’t been treated, so people who eat a lot of chicken and beer these days shouldn’t eat it, but if you eat a lot, you can get gout. The thing you should avoid the most is alcohol, but you should never drink alcohol and drink a little

The role of an artificial chief who makes it sweet is similar to alcohol. Drag uric acid back into the urine and put it back in so it goes up. For example, cola, cider, orange juice, fruit juice, etc. can increase uric acid.

I don’t like sweet drinks like this. There are many good foods in alcohol. Whether it’s lobster or gopchang, it’s delicious, protein-rich, and nutritious food. There’s a lot of Purin in it. Blue-backed fish, clams, lobsters, crustaceans, squid, octopus, anchovies, and fish contain a lot of purein, making it a perfect side dish. Eating too much increases the risk of gout

It is a good food for gout patients. There are foods that do not contain much purine, so they raise uric acid or promote uric acid excretion. But first of all, it’s rice, barley, wheat, buckwheat, and other dairy products that don’t have furin. These are eggs, vegetables, vegetables, Gimhae, and alcohol. The foods don’t contain much purin. In particular, dairy products with a lot of sugar, yogurt, and cheese products have a map called acid that can promote uric acid excretion. Dairy products are good

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