Fig Butter Makes Easy Amazing Taste (Recipe)

Fig Butter Makes Easy Amazing Taste (Recipe)

Fig Butter Makes Easy Amazing Taste (Recipe)

Fig Butter

I went to buy fruit syrup for a gift around this summer. The store owner recommended green grapes and plums made of seasonal fruits. I bought a few bottles, wondering, “What else will come out in autumn?” It is a small but special gift because it contains the taste and aroma of seasonal fruits.

These days, not only fruit syrup, but also more stores specialize in products that were considered as auxiliary ingredients such as butter and pesto. On social networking services (SNS), you can easily see foods with exotic ingredients on the basic base, such as fashion fruit syrup, seaweed butter, and sundride tomato pesto. Now, it seems that the fun of making and giving gifts are as important as the fun of eating.

Among these handmade products, butter is the one that attracts the most attention. This is because herbs, nuts, dried fruits, and honey can be added to the butter base on the market to create various flavors. It is easy to store, and it is also good to gift by wrapping one serving each.

Today, I’m going to make butter with figs, which are seasonal fruits in autumn. Since 80% of raw figs are water, use dried ones. It will add dill, walnut, and agave syrup to enhance the scent and texture. Fig butter can be just eaten on bread, but it adds a special flavor to the dish.

How does fig butter taste? According to an acquaintance who gave me fig butter as a gift, it feels like the world of taste is expanding. Sweet figs with a popping texture, savory butter, and crispy nuts are in excellent harmony. We invite you to the new Butter World.

160g butter, 60g dried figs, a little dill, 10g walnuts, 2 tablespoons agave syrup

How to make
1 Put the melted butter at room temperature for about 30 minutes in a bowl and gently mash it with a spatula.
2. Cut dried figs into small pieces.
3 Put the trimmed figs, cut walnuts, and agave syrup in a bowl of butter and stir them evenly.
Add 4 shredded figs and chopped dill and mix again.
5 Place the wrap on the cutting board, place the butter on top, roll it to the desired size, and then harden it in the refrigerator.

Directing tip
1 Fig Butter Sandwich Spread fig butter on crispy baguette. Place the rucola, jambong ham, and half-cut figs on top and sprinkle olive oil, pepper, and salt.
2 Steak If you put fig butter on a warm steak, you can taste savory, fragrant, and sweet.

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