Effects and Deficiencies of Vitamin D Effectiveness

Effects and Deficiencies of Vitamin D Effectiveness

Effects and Deficiencies of Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Effectiveness

Weight control

Vitamin D deficiency is closely related to obesity and the difficulty of losing weight. Studies show that among women on a calorie-restricted diet, women with higher vitamin D levels have a greater weight loss effect than women who do not.

It is not yet known whether vitamin D deficiency causes obesity or obesity causes vitamin D deficiency. However, if you have difficulty losing weight, it will be helpful to check your vitamin D levels through tests.

the nervous system and cancer

Studies show that people with low vitamin D levels are not good at making decisions and lack concentration. Also, moderate levels of vitamin D are less likely to develop cancer, especially for colon and breast cancer.

bones and muscles

Taking vitamin D increases the body’s calcium absorption and keeps bones and muscles healthy. When older, people with higher levels of vitamin D in their bodies are more active and show stronger bones than those with lower levels.

deficiency symptoms

Vitamin D has a significant effect on hormone balance and immune function, and can lead to osteomalacia or rickets, which can cause bones to soften if insufficient. In addition, you may experience the following symptoms or diseases:

1. Decrease in the immune system

2. Seasonal depression

3. Self-immune diseases

4. Cancer

5. Osteomalacia

6. Skin eczema or psoriasis

7. Dementia

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