Do you have any symptoms of cystitis? A woman in her mid-20s

Do you have any symptoms of cystitis? A woman in her mid-20s

Do you have any symptoms of cystitis?


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. I’m worried about genital stings these days. I had sex with my boyfriend, and it was itchy around me from the second day. Usually, stinging pain occurred from time to time after the relationship, but today, the third day, it is very difficult to urinate due to unbearable pain. It stings and itches. I often feel like the bottom is going to fall out. Should I go to the hospital and get treatment?

A: Women’s external tools are located near the vagina and anus, so they are prone to contamination with bacteria such as vaginal secretions and feces. Also, women’s urethra is short and wide, so germs easily enter the bladder. If you sleep right after sexual intercourse, before and after menstruation, during pregnancy, and after childbirth, bacteria infiltrating the urethra proliferate and cause inflammation, especially cystitis.

If your genitals sting when urinating, it is likely to be due to this disease. The main symptoms include urination, frequent urination, and residual urination, which show pain every time you urinate.

To prevent cystitis, drink a lot of water, and go to the bathroom immediately without holding back urination. It’s a good idea to wash your genitals with water after urinating. At this time, women’s cleansers, vaginal cleansers, or excessive washing may worsen their condition, so they should be washed lightly.

If you visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, disinfect it, and take antibiotics, it is easy to treat. Please go to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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