an example of tooth crown treatment In order for a good

an example of tooth crown treatment In order for a good

an example of tooth crown treatment


In order for a good prosthetic to come out, it is important to remove cavities completely and cut them evenly as thick as new prosthetics, but I’d like to say that the exact process of cutting teeth is important If the impression doesn’t come off right, the impression will be sent. I can tell you that when you make it into prosthetics, you have to make it compromised The precise cutting touches the gums, so it’s often called a clear impression, but it’s important to make an impression so that you get that margin

If you press the tray into the mouth and harden it without impression, and then pull it out, this shape is embedded in the fate of the impression proposal, and this is called the material stone, and if you put it in the net, it becomes international like this stone It looks like it’s pulled out, and it’s called a working model, and it’s separated and marked in red, and it’s working outside the crown to fit

When you make a model, you go around 360 degrees and expand your gums underground I didn’t have a crown, so I saw it for the first time, and it didn’t hurt

I think I’m skilled Some of you have deep gums, some of you have big gums, some of you have big cords, and some of you know that even if you have big gums, you have healthy gums, and you can think of it as having a lot of periodontal disease with GPS

There are many ways It’s supposed to be the case by case for the patient. I’ll take this off and show you the hot face We’ve delivered the curtain lobby back and forth to keep you out of breath

We can’t come out if we have all the teams, so we have to go to a city that’s dried up, so the wind is running around It’s a cord removal process. When it falls out, it’s thought to have been shaved off by humans, and it’s been well acted at the same time

It’s called a vibrator that makes you shake when you mix fine powder and knead it so that there’s no bubbles If you make a buzzing sound, you’ll get a vibration 비아그라구입처

If you just pour it in, bubbles can form deep in every corner, so if you let it flow while you’re vibrating, you can use the joyless tooth well and the ingredients go in and come out like this I’ll show you the process It’s a process of mixing with a certain amount of water and it’s about the size of a mart yogurt

If I do that, I can mix the ingredients without Kimpo If you put the ingredients on the edge, it will slowly break off I can’t wait to see the shape

The first one is a tour so that the flesh goes into the Sinui-myeon area. It’s not working because it’s divided into two If there’s a different way to learn from a textbook than to learn from a textbook, the staff who are trained to make a phone call is more unusual, so they shouldn’t do it twice

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