Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with clothes

Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with clothes

Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with clothes that are free to wear? Back in the navel, babbling, babble.


Belly tea, which swept through the ’90s, is back on crop top.

Cropped tops refer to short-cut tops. The appearance of a belly shirt made Korean society noisy in the 1990s. Croptop is also bringing new controversy to Korean society in 2021.

The content of the debate is the same in the big picture as in the 1990s. The argument that it is embarrassing to see a person wearing a crop top in public places and the opinion that clothes are personal freedom is at odds.

“I don’t know if crop tops are embarrassing enough to cause inconvenience to others,” said Kim (29), who enjoys wearing crop tops. “I don’t understand why you care too much about other people’s clothes, whether wearing leggings or crop tops.”

According to industries, crop tee, which recently received attention for its ‘insider’ fashion, has begun to gain attention again due to its retro craze. Crop tops are gaining popularity because they give you a cheerful feeling when you wear them and make your legs look longer 광주호빠

According to Shinsegae International, crop-top products such as women’s clothing brands “Bove,” “G-cut” and “STUDIO TOMBOY” are already gaining popularity this year alone, with third reordering.

The industry explains that MZ generation, which values their style and individuality, is highly preferred as crop tops can be worn with various bottoms and styles such as wide pants, jogger pants, and shorts.

“VPPLEMENT,” an online brand targeting MZ generation, has released 90% of summer top products such as short-sleeved jackets, knitwear, and T-shirts with short-sleeved waist length. A representative for Bplement said, “Most of the crop top products in summer started reproducing right after release.

Various celebrities, including Jenny of girl group BLACKPINK, enjoy wearing crop tops among social networking services (SNS), leading the trend.

“I tend to wear what I want regardless of my body type,” said a 24-year-old college student. “I like wearing crop tops in the summer to look cool and fresh, so I don’t know what’s wrong with it.”

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