10 massage methods to control abnormalities in my body

10 massage methods to control abnormalities in my body

10 massage methods to control abnormalities in my body


1. Press both sides of fingernails – Back neck management

Press both sides of your nails with your thumb and index finger.

Do all ten fingers in the same way and press the especially painful part until it feels cool 정품시알리스

Relax your neck and relax your back neck.

2. Tilt your fingers behind you – blood circulation

Use your fingers to tilt the other finger back one by one. The fingers have a large distribution of capillaries throughout the body, which helps blood circulation.

3. Tilt your fingers all over – Eye and throat

Attach your fingers neatly to the other hand and slowly push toward the back of the hand. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time.

If you do it, your eyes and neck will be relieved.

4. Press between fingers – preventing colds

Squeeze the split between the fingers with the thumb and index finger on the other side. Because it is connected to lymphatic glands, it is helpful to prevent and treat colds if you frequently catch a cold.

5. Thumbs up – Headaches

Grasp the thumb through the other finger and press it hard.

If you do it when you have a headache, it brightens your head.

6. Press outside wrist – menstrual cramps

Press the dents on the edge of the wrist frequently.

Both sides do the same thing, especially where it hurts.

Press it down whenever you have time.

It is good for relieving menstrual pain or back pain.

7. Rubbing the center of the palm – Digestion

Right above the center of the wrist to the center of the palm.

Rub it with your thumb.

It is helpful to repeat when you have indigestion.

8. Rubbing your little finger up and down – Leg Blood Circulation

Use your thumb and index finger on the edge of your little finger.

Press from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

It helps blood circulation in the legs.

9. Massage the back of your hand with your index finger – stress

Push and massage between the fingers of the back of the hand while pressing the index finger. It is helpful to do it when you are stressed or feel stuffy.

10. Finger Down Press – Eye, Ear Fatigue

Massage the palms of the fingers and fingers by carefully pressing the other thumb. It gets better when you press it when your eyes are tired or your ears are making sounds.

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